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Meeting Date: 10/18/2018 - 6:30 PM
Type: Info
Subject: 2. Report with Possible Action on the Planning of the 2019-2020 (FY20) Budget Parameters
Strategic Plan Compatibility Statement:
Goal 3
Effective and Efficient Operations
Policy: Admin Policy 3.01 - Annual Operating Budget
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Background: The MPS community is beginning the process of defining budget parameters and high leverage strategies to be used in the planning and development of the 2019-20 (FY20) budget. As part of this process, identifying methods for gaining community input and participation will be discussed and implemented. FY20 is the first year of the State's biennial budget cycle. As such, the state parameters are not known.

The Board, by state statute (Wisconsin Statute ยง 120.12), is required to adopt an annual budget.

The following items have been preliminarily identified to be included in the FY20 budget planning:
1. The budget will be prepared based on state law.
2. The budget will take full advantage of the revenue limit in order to maximize services for students.
3. The Milwaukee Board of School Directors will consider educational program repurposing and adjustments as well as departmental budget adjustments as necessary to promote student achievement and maintain a balanced budget.
4. The Board will consider salary increases for all employee groups through the budget and negotiation processes to attract and retain qualified staff.
5. The Board will consider employee benefit changes for eligible employees through the budget process to identify cost savings and increase efficiencies.
6. Operating efficiencies will continue to be reviewed and considered throughout the budget process.

In addition, strategies to improve student achievement are being considered that impact the budget including, but not limited to, the following:
(1) One instructional calendar
(2) The Long-Range Facilities Master Plan
(3) The Regional Development Plan
(4) Rethinking transportation to create efficiencies and support regional development
Fiscal Impact Statement: This item does not authorize expenditures.
Implementation and Assessment Plan
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Martha Kreitzman - Chief Financial Officer
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Keith Posley, Ed.D. - Superintendent