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Meeting Date: 2/22/2018 - 6:30 PM
Category: Awards and Commendations
Type: Info
Subject: 2. Winners of the 34th Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Writing, Art, and Speech Contests
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Goal 1
Academic Achievement
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Student, Family and Community Engagement
Policy: Admin Policy 1.05 - Recognition for Accomplishment
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Background: This evening, several students will be reading a sampling of their award-winning Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) speeches.

This year’s MLK contests have produced amazing entries from more students than the district has seen in many years. Selecting winners was extremely difficult this year due to the increase in the quantity and quality of submissions for the Art, Speech and Writing competitions. MPS is happy to recognize the following students for their outstanding work around this year’s theme: “Take a Stand for Truth and Justice.”

Speech winners
Zadayne Miller, 1st place – Milwaukee Parkside School of the Arts, Grade 1
Josiah Franklin, 2nd place – Elm Creative Arts Elementary School, Grade K-4
Inezmari Chico, 3rd place –Curtin Leadership Academy, Grade 2

Amir Johnikin, 1st place – Elm Creative Arts Elementary School, Grade 3
Salma Lewis, 3rd place – Golda Meir Lower Campus, Grade3

Chloe Reader, 1st place –Alcott School, Grade 5
Katelen Pickens, 2nd place – Emerson School, Grade 5
Kaylie Deluna, 3rd place – Victory Elementary School, Grade 6

Amillia Bell, 1st place –Golda Meir Upper Campus, Grade 8
Terynn Erby-Walker, 2nd place – Golda Meir Lower Campus, Grade 7
Demi Figueroa, 3rd place – Curtin Leadership Academy, Grade 8

Akili Pleas-Carnie, 2nd place – Rufus King IB High School, Grade 10
Marvell Reed, 3rd place – Barack Obama SCTE, Grade 10

Daniel Montalvo, 2nd place – Reagan IB High School, Grade 12
Biluge Ntabala, 3rd place –Milwaukee High School of the Arts, Grade 12

Art Winners
Kylie Bowen, 2nd Place, Grade 9, Milw School of Languages
Grace Newton, 3rd Place, Grade 12, Reagan

Ruttana Chanhdara, 1st Place, Grade 8, Milw School of Languages
Yoana Perez Morales, 2nd Place, Grade 8, Lincoln Center of the Arts
April Barillas, 3rd Place, Grade 7, Golda Meir

Salina Tagliavia, 1st Place, Grade 5, Alcott
Leah Serdynski, 2nd Place, Grade 4, Spanish Immersion
Analia Roman, 3rd Place, Grade 4, Spanish Immersion

Joshua Rivera Mercado, 1st Place, Grade 2, Vieau
Briana Davis, 2nd Place, Grade 1, Burbank
Eduardo Villegas Sanchez, 3rd Place, Grade 2, Vieau

Writing Winners
Grades K–1 Group Project Winner
Burbank, Grade 1 – Christine Sylvester

Miriam Webb, 1st Place, Grade 3, Golda Meir
Nikyonna McDaniels, 2nd Place, Grade 3, Emerson
Sophia Wood, 3rd Place, Grade 3, Trowbridge

Nicolas Holtzman, 1st Place, Grade 4, Milwaukee German Immersion
Nancy Thao, 2nd Place, Grade 4, Bruce Elementary
Lalaya Clay, 3rd Place, Grade 5, Elm Creative Arts

Tatiyana Dockery, 1st Place, Grade 6, Keefe
Golden Brown, 2nd Place, Grade 6, Golda Meir
Nakiyah Gooden-Alexander, 3rd Place, Grade 6, Keefe

Daisy Kiekhofer, 2nd Place, Grade 8, Golda Meir
Vaughn Smith, 3rd Place, Grade 8, Golda Meir

Christian Delfose, 1st Place, Grade 9, Rufus King HS
Christian Kind, 2nd Place, Grade 10, Milwaukee High School of the Arts
Eleajah Thompson, 3rd Place, Grade 10, Milwaukee High School of the Arts

Lauren O’Hear, 2nd Place, Grade 11, Ronald Reagan HS
Tien Vo, 3rd Place, Grade 12, Ronald Reagan HS
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