Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 1/25/2018 - 6:30 PM
Category: Communications (for Referral unless Otherwise Indicated)
Type: Info
Subject: 1. Communication 1718C-002 Regarding the Marine Corps and Student Goals
Strategic Plan Compatibility Statement:
Goal 1
Academic Achievement
Goal 2
Student, Family and Community Engagement
Policy: Board Rule 1.10 - Communications, Petitions, Resolutions for Referral
Attachments: 1718C-002
File Attachment:
Background: The Office of Board Governance has received the attached communication from Major Jerome Greco requesting a hearing regarding the Marine Corps and students' personal and professional goals.

This item is being presented for referral in accordance with Board Rule 1.10, which requires that all communications be referred without action either to the appropriate committee for consideration or to the Superintendent in an attempt to settle the matter at issue without formal Board action.
Fiscal Impact Statement: NA
Implementation and Assessment Plan
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Jacqueline M. Mann, Ph.D. - Board Clerk/Director