Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 8/17/2017 - 6:30 PM
Type: Action
Subject: 4. Action on Proposed Revisions to Administrative Policy and Procedure 7.17, Summer Academy
Strategic Plan Compatibility Statement:
Goal 1
Academic Achievement
Policy: Admin Policy 7.17 - Summer Academy
File Attachment:
Administrative_Policy_07_17 clean copy.pdf
Administrative_Policy_07_17 marked.pdf
Administrative_Procedure_07_17 clean copy.pdf
Administrative_Procedure_07_17 marked.pdf
Background: Proposed revised Administrative Policy 7.17, Summer Academy, and proposed revised Administrative Procedure 7.17, Summer Academy have been updated to reflect changes to Summer Academy offerings. Policy changes include providing transportation for special school sites and/or programs.

Attendance changes in the procedure reflect a focus on students demonstrating proficiency rather than seat time. Additional changes align the procedure with the revised grading policy and the current Code of School/Classroom Conduct.
Fiscal Impact Statement:
Implementation and Assessment Plan If these revises are approved by the Board, the Office of Academics will provide appropriate professional development to staff so they are successful in the implementation of this revised policy and procedure.
Recommendation: The Administration recommends that the Board approve the changes as submitted.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Jacqueline M. Mann, Ph.D. - Board Clerk/Director