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Meeting Date: 9/10/2020 - 5:30 PM
Type: Info
Subject: 4. Report with Possible Action Regarding the Annual Workforce Readiness Update for the 2019-2020 School Year
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Academic Achievement
Policy: Admin Policy 7.01 - Teaching and Learning Goals
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Background: The annual workforce readiness report was last provided at the September 2019 Student Achievement and School Innovation Committee meeting. Since that time, Career and Technical Education (CTE) has continued to build and improve the infrastructure and put systems in place to expand workforce readiness throughout the district in 2020-2021, and beyond. The following are highlights from the 2019-2020 school year:

• All 7th grade classrooms were scheduled to visit local industry partners as part of the Council of Small Business Executive (COSBE) Be the Spark program. Despite the pandemic, 1,254 students were able to attend the tours.
• Each high school continued to have one main point of contact, which we call ‘Career Champions’ to coordinate communication and work-based learning activities with CTE.
• CTE provided its ‘Playbook for Career Champions’ to all high schools, along with professional development (PD) for all Career Champions and College and Career Center planning assistants. The Playbook and PD are intended to ensure efficient communication and coordination between the schools and CTE to continue growing the number of internships and youth apprenticeships for our students.
• An ‘Employer Playbook’ was developed to provide employers with a guide on how to provide high quality work-based learning opportunities for students.
• CTE utilized an online application system for all potential youth apprentices, making the process easier and more efficient for students and CTE.
• CTE worked in close collaboration with the College and Career Center staff, who regularly assisted students with resumes, job searches, and job applications.
• CTE provided work readiness sessions for all high schools to prepare students for internships and youth apprenticeships. A total of 1,067 students participated in a work readiness session during 2019-2020.
• A job board for students was updated weekly throughout the school year, and was available on the CTE website and on all high school websites.
• CTE held the 3rd annual all-district job fair at UW-Milwaukee on March 13, 2020. A total of 632 students from 21 high schools attended. 75 employers participated in the event.
• An information session was held in December for approximately 100 students and family members to learn about and apply for internships and youth apprenticeships.
• At least 1,884 students had some sort of work experience in the 2019-2020 school year, including students who worked in summer 2019. This number includes experiences such as the 2019 summer employment through the Mayor’s Earn & Learn Program, School-to-Work Program, youth apprenticeships, and internships.
• All students who successfully complete a youth apprenticeship receive one (1) credit per semester. Students who participate in internships may also receive between ¼ and one (1) credit per semester, depending on the number of hours worked.
• The 2020 summer work experience totals will be included in the 2021 report to the Board of Directors.

Because our students’ current school environment is virtual, plans to offer work-readiness and work-based learning experiences for students require virtual components. These include:

• Virtual field trips with COSBE for our 7th grade students.
• A video for students that explains youth apprenticeships, internships, and next steps to become better prepared for work opportunities.
• Two online curricula to provide our students with work readiness sessions.
• A Google Classroom which contains employability resources for our students who have applied for youth apprenticeships and internships.
• Schedules have been created to provide students with monthly mock interview sessions and panel discussions with industry partners covering different career pathways each month.
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Eric Radomski - Senior Manager, Career and Technical Education
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